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"We have used the AIM Cruise Program for several promotions since 2007. It is especially effective to set you apart from others....they all remember who is offering a cruise as a thank you for doing business with you. The marketing materials enhance the credibility of the offer. If you are looking for a great way to spice up the variety of your promotions, AIM can help!"

Don R.
Cruise Certificates Dividers


The FoodThe Dining: Cuisine and desserts expertly prepared by world class chefs.

The EntertainmentThe Entertainment: Dozens of exciting shipboard activities to choose from everyday.

Cruise Certificates Dividers

Program Benefits

The Program Benefits • Cost-Effective Marketing
• Edge Over Competition
• Increased Sales, Leases, Listings...
• A Retention Incentive that Works
• Huge Savings on Annual Incentive Costs

AIM Cruise Certificates